The origins

Maitrank :

This fragrant and heady drink is an inimitable aperitif, a handmade and natural product, appreciated by all. It is produced from white wine and cognac, deliciously flavoured with sweet woodruff.

We owe it to the imagination of monks from the Prüm Abbey, where it was invented in 840. Arlon and its inhabitants have adopted the Maitrank and made it their pride. It is now the key component of the local products of the Land of Arlon.

It is also considered by all an essential companion for celebrations with family or friends.

Sweet Woodruff, the soul of Maitrank :

Its evocative title of Queen of the Woods expresses the splendour of a plant that gives the Maitrank its whole aroma and savour.

Widespread in the woods of beech trees in the region of Arlon, the Asperula Odorata - Rubiaceae with white flowers  - is picked before full flowering. Its diuretic and digestive properties, and its incomparable taste have made it an appreciated culinary partner for centuries !

Sweet Woodruff is given many enchanting nicknames across borders : Muguet des Bois, Reine de Mai, Lievevrouwebedstro, Waldmeister, you name it. 


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