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In the 1970’s, Jean Ridremont had the excellent idea to produce and share his Maitrank. Through his know-how and emphasis on quality, he was able to get the best from the precious recipe that was transmitted to him by Lucien Ensch, from Arlon.

Anne Clérin and Philippe Monhonval were willing to keep the long-lasting work alive and therefore founded Arel Maitrank in 2000. A few years later, in October 2006, they passed the torch to three young entrepreneurs -  Julien Tavernier, Geoffroy Théate and Stéphane Frognet.

In 2008, Marianne Gilson and Louis-Marie Kemp bought the company. Since then, they’ve been working on expanding its distribution network, with careful consideration to keep the Maitrank as it was and must be :

  • a traditional and handmade beverage,
  • a natural speciality of the Land of Arlon,
  • an aperitif to be enjoyed chilled with an orange slice.

Cheers !


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