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With a production that started nearly 40 years ago, this traditional and handmade drink has evolved over time. It is now available in three varieties : White Maitrank, Rosé Ridremont or Sparkling Ridremont.

White Maitrank

Maitrank is a handmade and natural aperitif.
It is made by macerating Sweet Woodruff, a plant of multiple virtues, in dry white wine.
It has a wild, earthy and sweet taste.
Enjoy it chilled with an orange slice.

Ridremont Rosé

Rosé wine is used instead of white wine for maceration. This way, it is given a slightly sweeter taste which tempers the bitterness of the woodruff. For the lovers of colour and sweetness…

Sparkling Ridremont

The latest variety of Arel Maitrank. It is made of traditional white Maitrank to which carbon dioxide is added. Perfect to celebrate special events !


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